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Excellent, thank you.

Thank you so much Lucas, this is an incredible find! That art-print sounds like a really nice item too, just under 12”, signed by both members, stamped and numbered to only 150! And that’s without mentioning the lovely silver vinyl too. Jarmusch is a real legend, absolutely delighted :)

Will nicely complement the book I already have signed by him. 44 remaining.

Was this the Cole’s Books edition from a while back? I remember seeing it after they’d sold out at £30 and being very disappointed (they must have had a very limited run), but I suppose given that was a bookplate and this is a cheaper, signed art print then maybe I should be much happier now…

Nice to see that he seems to sign such items with a full name, unlike his rushed, shorter in-person ‘Jim J’ efforts :)

I got mine from Rough Trade. The only issue I have with this book is that the collages are tiny.

can someone check how many left?

32 currently

thank u! how did u do this?

For this one I just put in a high quantity Number like 150 and the cart automatically adjusts to the amount that is actually available to buy.  It doesn't work like this in all webshops.  Mostly ones where there isn't a quantity limit of purchases.

thank u

im suprised its still availaible ...as someone said here :Jarmusch is a real legend...


13 remaining…


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