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Does this SRV signature looks authentic or not?

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I don't think so.

Thanks a lot!

Most welcome. Let's hear from the day crowd.

It looks so legible and neat - let's see what others say.

SRV was known for legible and beautiful autographs!

Here is an authentic SRV signed guitar that I owned. 

Beautiful - and it still has the factory sticker for the trem spring! That tells me it's a steel block.

Thank you so much for posting!

All but the OP have an "S", "R" and "V" of comparable size/height/presence.

I personal have only one explanation (if the signature on my picture real). Maybe size these letters is different because the autograph located at another place of the guitar?

Anyway, I really have some doubts about signature on my pic, because ink seems to me pretty fresh…

However, maybe I’m wrong about ink.

If that SRV isn't real it's an INCREDIBLE forgery. 



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