Stolen Lynyrd Skynyrd Steve Gaines and Ronnie VanZant Autographs

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I don't know but if you can help me but I'd thought I'd give it a try.

I recently sold two valuable signed Lynyrd Skynyrd items that were authenticated and encapsulated by BAS.
One was a Ronnie VanZant signed magazine page and the other was from Steve Gaines.
The items have the BAS encapsulation numbers of -
0009753088 - Ronnie VanZant
0009678182 - Steve Gaines
I have included a picture of the items.
As part of an EBAY transaction they were sent to Dallas Texas (zip 75201) to the buyer but the buyer claims these were delivered to the wrong
PO Box and signed for by someone they do not recognize. The person that has these in their possession has never returned the items to the
Post Office so these are items for all intents and purposes STOLEN.

Does there exist a watch list or catalog of stolen items that where if these are attempted to be sold I can be notified?

I know its a long shot but I thought I would ask. Definitely Please contact me if you see these items on the market. If they are returned I will definitiely
post a follow up

Thanks Everyone

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I am so sorry to hear that. There isn't really a watch list, but let's start one.

You said they were signed for? How did you send them? Do you have any insurance?


Thanks to your post, we now have a forum for lost and stolen autographs. I put your post in it.


Thank you so very much for creating this list.  I very much appreciate it.


I am also sorry to hear of your situation. I do hope that you have the items insured. If the Post Office misdelivered the items to the wrong addressee then they will have to pay up. Also, if you sold these on eBay then you should have seller protection. As long as you have proof the item was delivered then the buyer has an obligation to proof it wasn't delivered to them. I just don't think their word is sufficient proof. You sent the package, someone signed for it, you have a case.

sorry to hear this as well.  why was the buyer having expensive stuff delivered to a po  box rather than a home address? that could be something to take up with ebay

This would be your ebay account.
Paul Thanks. Yes My eBay account is zekeandzoe0. That is the original listing in which the item was sold to the buyer in Texas. Again Thanks
Is he claiming you sent it to the wrong PO box or that the post office put it in the wrong PO box? The post office would have record of whose po box is whose. Have you contacted that post office yourself? I wouldn't refund any money yet in case this is a scam.

I agree with you Adam. It is possible the Post Office placed a notice slip in the wrong box but someone signed for it. That would make the PO accountable. Also, eBay has Seller Protection for these types of problems. I would fight this one to the end as long as you have proof of delivery and a signature. I also believe that eBay suggests, on big purchases, that you also insure it. They include it initially purchasing and printing a shipping label through them and you have to change that recommendation before purchasing the postage if you don't want the insurance. eBay will protect you if you follow their guidelines. 

First of all I am thankful for everyone' s response.  thank you!

The monetary issue I'm sure, in the long run will be worked out since the package was insured and I have filed a case with the PO at 75201 Dallas.  Unfortunately my buyer filed a case with Paypal on day #1 so I am working with PP and USPS to get this solved money wise.  The bigger picture and the cause I petitioned the community is that someone out there has something that doesnt belong to them and hasnt done the right thing and come forward or return it.  Whether they are a die hard Skynyrd fan or eventually will try to profit from these I am grateful for this community and its response. Individually I do not have the cycles to continually search EBAY, the many auction houses or Craigslist by myself to see if these are showing up to be sold.  I do appreciate everyone keeping an eye out for these as they too, look for that elusive autograph in the public domain.

My Best Regards to everyone


Update:  Yes the good old Post Office put claim slip in the wrong PO Box . The USPS case is underway.  The person who actually has these in their possession has not returned them to the PO.  Please let me know if you see these listed anywhere. 

Interesting as the post office should have record to who this person is and should step in especially since a claim is open.


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