Store: Rare-T, and Authenticator: Premiere Collectors (Eric Freidman) - Heath Ledger autograph?

Hi everyone,

New to the site and have been getting a crash course in autograph authenticity from all of the great topics here. Does anyone know anything about the Canadian memorabilia store Rare-T? Their website is below:

They tell me that the authenticating body they use is Premiere Collectors. According to their website, the CEO is Eric Freidman.

Here's an example of one of the pieces of merchandise - a Joker picture autographed by Heath Ledger. Considering this thread:, I thought I would ask. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

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The Ledger is fake, as was the junk on their website. With Premiere, it took me less than 5 seconds on their website to tell that they were full of crap. That aside, even if they did have any actual expertise, being an absolute nobody in the hobby makes a COA - at best - worthless. Avoid all of this.

Ok, thanks for the great feedback! That helps a lot.

Greetings Rich.

Thank you for having shared your opinion.

Given that we are dealers, not authenticators - We recommend that you direct your beliefs directly to the authenticator in question for more detailed information pertaining to this specific piece, which is serialized with a tamper-proof hologram and accompanied by its corresponding Certificate of Authenticity issued by;

For this reason, all sales include a lifetime Guaranty of Authenticity issued by RARE-T. 

Please keep us posted, and please do not hesitate to contact us directly at should we be of further assistance.


I am a little confused. You state that you specialize in high end decorative pieces. Decorative being the key word that sticks out. 

Terminology like that, including your response to contact the authenticator (premiere collectors) on the authenticity concerns, leads me to believe you wash your hands on what you are selling as authentic and simply decorative in nature. 

Is this correct? Do YOU feel any personal responsibilty to make sure what you are selling is legitimate and not passing the buck to another third party?

Greetings Adam.

We regret the confusion. What we mean by High-End decorative items is that we don't cater exclusively to a 'collectors' market. Our exclusive signature collections are designed and/or acquired in a manner to appeal to modern decorative trends so as to be aesthetically timeless - Thus allowing those wishing to decorate their homes and/or offices with key conversation pieces to showcase their individuality.

As was stated in our previous response, we are dealers and not authenticators, therefore the amount of factual information at our disposal (Or any dealer for that matter)is limited to what is enclosed within the Certificate/Letter of Authenticity provided by the corresponding Authenticator - Which, unless 'Witnessed', is often limited to the authenticity of the signature(s) in question. For these reasons, should queries exceed our levels of expertise/knowledge, the most efficient recourse is to request specifics from the source directly.

In regards to personal responsibility, as was stated in our previous reply - All sales include a lifetime Guaranty of Authenticity issued by RARE-T

RARE-T has been operating since 2008 due to us placing our customers satisfaction, both with the products we offer as well as the service we provide, as the utmost priority.

I hope that this has helped address your concerns, and please do not hesitate to communicate with us directly should we be of further assistance at



You succeeded. They certainly are conversation pieces here.

Thank you for the kind words Steve.

We are all lifelong collectors here, therefore all our items are acquired as fans first and foremost - If it's not good enough for our own collections, it isn't good enough for our customers!


I hope you don’t collect Beatles. The new piece you have for sale is absolutely horrendous.

If you have no idea what you're selling, then you have no business in this hobby. But it's hard to imagine that given the utterly laughable nature of your "autographs" (as highlighted by Steve) that you're totally oblivious to the situation. 

Hey Rich.

Been watching these guys for a while now and see pieces from all the big guys. I just recently had a couple of pieces I’m interested in checked out directly to make sure, one was a Psa and the other Beckett, both were 100% as advertised. 

They’re not cheap but I saw some of their frames live and they’re top notch. 

Before giving them a cent I made sure to confirm that they have a cash back guarantee and they do, so Canada or not, as long as they’re willing to negotiate...

Greetings Hwachi.

We regret the delay for our response however this was just brought to our attention.

We at RARE-T specialize in High-End decorative items - Most of which being RARE-T exclusives, custom made-to-order pieces, vintage/antiques and/or general 'rarities'.

As for Signed Memorabilia Authentification, rest assured that each piece offered will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity issued by one of the leading firms and/or Industry Specialist such as (CGC, Tristar, JSA, OA, Upper Deck, PCA, Beckett, PSA/DNA...) 

For this reason, all sales include a lifetime Guaranty of Authenticity. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly at should we be of further assistance.



Amazing...your inventory is beyond belief. I've only seen ONE Heath Ledger signed The Dark Night piece in the 11 years since his death—and you have 4! 

Two of them posters—one cast signed!!!





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