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I just seen this comment and it's kind of funny I missed the jade green one because I was taking my dogs for a walk, the other 3 were still in stock though luckily... Damned dogs!! 

Yes Our dogs have a lot to answer for... 

Is she really going to sign 100 thousand photos / art cards ? That will take forever

She signed tons of them for Folklore. I can't remember the exact amount they said but it was something crazy like that. She's never done secretarial or autopen. So pretty likely she'll sign as many as needed. 

I was able to send my UK friend 2 copies of the mahogany signed edition!

Please let me know if you have an extra BLOOD MOON or JADE GREEN copy so I can have a full set! I have two MOONSTONE BLUE copies to trade! Thank you so much! 


Just managed to get one from the UK site at 10.45am. That was a bit of luck as all showing as sold out before and afterwards!

Anyone know how many Midnight Blue CDs are left on the US site?

missed it

managed to get 3 keep refreshing 

Yep. Just managed to get a second version by refreshing :) 

UK sorry! :)  and Mahogany and Moonstone

Which store? USA or U.K. ?


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