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Vinyl and CD (CD looks sold out) https://store.taylorswift.com/

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That tends to be the life cycle for most of these artist released signed items... the first ones up, and the last ones up seem to sell for the most. There's a pre-order, scalpers buy them, first ones up list them for the highest price possible. Then when the release day comes they flood onto eBay, and there's a race to the bottom in price, from the people who want to make $5 profit and get their money back asap... then as they sell off and less exist, the price slowly creeps back up to the ones holding off for top dollar... almost every release I've paid attention to goes that way if there's any demand, and they're somewhat limited quantity. 

Thats exactly what happened with the $13-25 Folklore... first few sold for hundreds, then they were barely going for $20-30... last I looked they were like $100... might be more by now... just took a few years and tons of press from her touring and new release stuff. 

The fact that she's the hottest thing on Earth right now has clearly had an effect on everything she touches. When she wasnt touring, and constantly in the news for dating a football player, and new album out, top grossing movie, etc, the prices were a bit lower... they blew up with all the media, movie, and touring lately... not that her stuff is cheap other than when she pumped out 100k signed folklore cds.

She has the biggest and most rabid for merch fan base on the planet... that's why she can sell 45 different colors of vinyl and her fans need every single one. Im no expert, but from what I've seen her stuff mostly just keeps going up. Maybe it'll slow down some once the hype wears down from all her latest projects, but I'm sure they'll all stay valuable just because of who she is and the insane fan base she has. 

But if someone has to buy from scalpers in my experience it seems to drop in price right after release when they're flooded onto eBay, then go up from there. So shortly after release always seems to be the cheapest they get. I don't follow too many or watch insanely close so I could be wrong, but that's just what I've always noticed.

I didn't even get this one since the emails weren't working on this site so I haven't looked at what they're going for on ebay. 

I Don't know where they got that number from but ontop of bring greedy they are very rude. Not saying i expected scalpers to be friendly lol. The post has over 700k views so maybe it could reach someone on Taylor's team? I don't know if they'd care though to be honest.

I’m curious how they got so many when it was a limit of one per person 

Very simple, they lied.

Someone here tried that for 8 or 10 copies, wasn't that easy, his orders got canceled. Unless you mean the post, I guess anything possible.

Sorry, I meant they lied about getting 600.

My guess is bots or family members but I still don't understand how they'd get 600 let alone more than one delivered to their home, I can't imagine more than a few family members trying. Any way you divide it up it doesn't make sense, to me atleast.

They'd almost have to use bots if they got 600. That's a lot of typing to do very quickly if not lol. 

They are an alerting service. They state their members got 600-1000 copies. That says nothing without knowing the number of members they have. If they have 200k paying members then only 600 getting one is bad. If they have 600 paying members and they all got one (and some 2) then it's a great score.

I know at least one or two easy ways they do it, but don't especially want to post it here considering how many flippers watch these posts. Most probably already know all the tricks anyway, but don't want to give any that don't easy ideas. They can figure it out on their own lol. 

They don't say how many members got them. Could be 600-1000 members getting 1 each.

But they are posting this to sell their £35/month package so they want to frame it positively. If they are being honest in the first place. Maybe 20.000 paying members tried to get one and only 600-1000 succeeded. That bit of info would frame it in a totally different way.

theres a flippers club??? What in the world, I want to know if they jump like a fish in the sea, flip the bird in the skate park and other flippin'g jokes we can make.

£34.99 what a total farse, these online paid clubs using a free platform to be a part of an info bomb is terrible.


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