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Tears For Fears - The Hurting (Half Speed Master): Vinyl LP + Exclusive Signed Print

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Seems to be UK-only? The items disappears from the cart when providing a non-UK delivery address. Any hints?

Same, can't get US shipping to work


Mislabelled perhaps?

Just "exclusive print" now


Yes, annoying, will need to contact them to confirm one way or another.  Had it in my basket showing as exclusive signed print, then once checked out everything including my receipt just says exclusive print, no mention of signed.  Most disappointed ☹️ 

That sucks man... Keep us updated!

Will do. Just sent them an email.  Probably was a mistake, and they pulled the “signed” bit!

Recordstore are good at baiting and switching - I don't bother with them anymore! You never know if you will receive a signed item or whether they switch it for something else - or just don't send the signed part at all ! 

They are owned by Universal Music — a borderline criminal organisation.

My confirmation email now says Exclusive Signed Print , but when I do view order, I see just print. Shame! great album of the band and the signed print would have been a great reason to buy it.

I would expect recordstore to cancel it, just like roughtrade did.

Roughtrade are a legitimate business and virtually always keep you informed of any changes and don't take your money until it is shipped.....

Recordstore will just take your money months in advance and if you are lucky send it when released signed or not ! 

Yup!  As expected I’ve just had it confirmed by record store customer service that the prints are NOT signed.  Oh well….



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