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Snagged it, thanks!

Got one, thanks

Holy jesus yesssss, thanks

Thx! Snagged one! 

Ordered too, thanks! I hope we'll get these - with only 1000 available I'm sure Amazon will oversell these.

yeah, I'm glad I got my order in early because this sure feels like an oversell if there were only 1000 and it's still available, I've also seen it posted on Twitter and Reddit and I'm sure resellers were buying them in bunches since it didn't appear to have a limit. I guess it's wait and see again

Most of these orders are going to the same fate as the Greta Van Fleet magazines and Cormac McCarthy signed box sets. It's still available for order and supposedly is a limited edition of 1000. It's an impossibility that they have any left at this point. But it won't stop then from taking more orders.  

no doubt, now we just have to hope they fulfill orders in the order they were placed. 

These guys were still missing for me. Thanks!

LOL. Because it reached bestseller status on Amazon, they are directing even more people to the pre-order page.

Finally shows as unavailable now


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