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Seller "forgot" to mention who issued the COA for this forgery. Signatures slowly drawn or traced. 


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A common forgery style for $69K. Crazy! The COA is very likely from GFA.

You are correct sir!  GFA strikes again -- or strikes out again. 

How did you know it was GFA? The listing didn't say it when I checked just now.

I don’t recall seeing this forgery style with any other COA besides GFA.

OK, I took what Bruce said in reply to you to mean that he knew for a fact it was GFA.

Steve the seller emailed me it came with a GFA COA. 

Ahhh, thank you.

Ridiculous price for a ridiculous forgery.

There's also a forged copy of Beatles 65 from scam Canadian seller jor4899

His asking price?? A measly 14.8k.  A steal right? lol

Item number 404215057808

Let's report these scammers and have the items removed. If we don't report them, they will continue to get away with it, unfortunately.

I have reported fakes like this for years -- and very rarely does eBay remove them. They don't make any money when fakes are taken down -- that's the simple answer. 

How could ebay know what is a fake and what is not, and why should they rely on what someone posts to them? There’s millions of items on ebay, they can’t have an expert for everything. Plus what would be the proof that something is fake or genuine. That’ll be extremely difficult imo.

It’s a matter of caveat emptor!

Check out this steal

We used to call Morales, Chris "I Never Saw An Autograph I Didn't Like" Morales.

We can state the same about GFA (Guaranteed Fake Autographs) and Steve Rocchi.



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