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Seller "forgot" to mention who issued the COA for this forgery. Signatures slowly drawn or traced. 


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A common forgery style for $69K. Crazy! The COA is very likely from GFA.

You are correct sir!  GFA strikes again -- or strikes out again. 

How did you know it was GFA? The listing didn't say it when I checked just now.

I don’t recall seeing this forgery style with any other COA besides GFA.

OK, I took what Bruce said in reply to you to mean that he knew for a fact it was GFA.

Steve the seller emailed me it came with a GFA COA. 

Ahhh, thank you.

Ridiculous price for a ridiculous forgery.

There's also a forged copy of Beatles 65 from scam Canadian seller jor4899

His asking price?? A measly 14.8k.  A steal right? lol

Item number 404215057808

Let's report these scammers and have the items removed. If we don't report them, they will continue to get away with it, unfortunately.

I have reported fakes like this for years -- and very rarely does eBay remove them. They don't make any money when fakes are taken down -- that's the simple answer. 

Check out this steal

We used to call Morales, Chris "I Never Saw An Autograph I Didn't Like" Morales.

We can state the same about GFA (Guaranteed Fake Autographs) and Steve Rocchi.

Steve "The Roach" Rocchi -- let's call him by the name he deserves. 



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