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The Jackson’s have just listed 4 signed funko pops  with a free signed cd on the instagram story and shop. And they have Christmas records too and other bits. 


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The last time that I ordered from this store,  my item never arrived and I could not reach them for a resolution.

My last order arrived but took 3 weeks   Did you email them? 

Yes, but got no response. I did eventually get a refund but they were of no help.

Oh that sucks. I found them (twice) helpful but slow shipping. You were possibly unlucky I guess 

The record is only 69.99 signed with a free signed cd too


instead of a separate thread, probably should have been added to:

Lots of signed options from 4 of the Jackson 5 - Autograph Live (au...

or even your own previous: 

The jackson 5 signed records CDs posters & photos on official s...

...but I digress - I bought the Torch 12x12" flat (err, "limited print") last year and they threw in a free CD of the self-titled album. It all may have shipped from the UK, as their fulfillment centre states as UK-based, so took longer, but all arrived fine.  

Sorry about that. I didn’t know I should have added it to my previous post. Thank you for the advice. 


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