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I might sell my my f150 to pay for a book......

If anyone wants to contribute I might have to start a GoFundMe.  Buy Mikenmar2 a Bob Dylan Book.   J/K!!!  Sadly I can only dream about buying this.  It's for people with more disposable income than me. 

LOL...excellent idea  Mikenmar2 !!!

I'm pretty sure that Indigo doesn't charge you until it ships and thought about it, and then I saw that it ships in like 2 weeks so that won't work lol 

Thank you! Can’t believe it but just pulled the trigger on this.

you can sign up to the plum rewards for $40 and get $160 off which is what I did 

Crap!!! I’m wondering if I can do this after I already purchased? 

Not sure! I would probably order another doing this then cancel the first if you can! 

Great idea! I thought about it as well.. thanks!

I would beware this option. They dont have visibility on how many. You will forfeit your place in line. I called and asked.

How did you get $160 off ? It says you save 10% as a member which is $80 ?

If you sign up today you get an extra 10% sign up bonus to get 20% in total! 

If my math is right-this would be about $486.20 in USD with 20% off.  Well, that and the cost of the membership. 


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