THE WATCH LIST 2023: PINK, METALLICA, RIHANNA, & THE CURE! Who's on your watchlist?


PINK "Trustall" February 2023.

METALLICA "72 Seasons" April 2023.

RIHANNA "R9" 2023

THE CURE "untitled" 2023

Robert Smith has always been on my to get list, so this would be huge!

Who's on your watchlist?

*AND, what I was thinking, is that  we could all keep in mind what fellow forum members have on their watchlist,...and then when we see what they want become available...we could notify them on this forum, or even notify them directly if they're among our "Friends"!!!*

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Was hoping for Sza since she drops this week still holding out hope 

- Metallica - 72 Seasons

- Godsmack - Lighting Up The Sky

- Avenged Sevenfold new album (Please let it be in 2023 please!)

- Airbourne new album (Will probably be in 2023 but I'm not sure)

And anything new from Roadrunner or Napalm Records...

Bob Dylan, obviously. 

Def always wanted the cure band signature

Metallica would be at the very top of my list and by far the most valuable on your list. Though I think it's unlikely they will sell signed albums online. They usually have a release event (usually in London) where they do a signing session for fans. Their management might convince them to do what other big stars are doing and sell a signed batch online, so they can claim number 1 in the charts. It's all a scam these days and unfair for new artists.

Anyway, I've already started looking in case it pops up.

Metallica is big enough to guarantee #1 spot in the UK and US without the need of shifting physical copies. Metal/rock fans buy more physical records than pop fans so it would be pointless. Recent real Metallica autographs are very hard to come by, and I would not expect the band to do any signed release - small in-store signing in LA, SF or NYC is the most likely scenario and even access to that would be super limited.

Metallica used to be great street signers when on tour, isn't it so anymore?

I met Lars in connection with an event related to the Polar Music Prize in 2018 and he was very fan friendly, signed many items each for all fans who were waiting when he left the venue. Rob was also in Stockholm for the prize ceremony, didn't meet him but saw a film of him signing on the street that someone posted. I also met them in the 1990s on the Black Album tour. Only James was a bit difficult but still he made sure that every waiting fan got one autograph and there were many of us there, over 100 would be my guess.

The cure would be amazing! Def up at the top of my list 

Would love this as they are probably my favorite band ever. But I'll be shocked if Robert does anything. But they did surprise me once before with signed cds at the merch booth on their 2004 US Curiosa festival so fingers crossed.

Metallica will not happen lol

I agree it's unlikely. They will only do events like this one:

That will not stop me from keeping an eye out, just in case.

I’ll be interested to see if P!nk signs anything. She’s been known to be a hard autograph to get. I was fortunate to get my What About Love CD signed in person when I saw her in concert 



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