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I would say it's not real. His writing is more vertical, and the small letters on this piece are too low, for starters.

Thanks! I'll be passing on this one, then 

I agree Steve. I would post mine to illustrate what you are saying but the reply box doesn't have the usual icons for adding images etc. It is also a strange cream color.

You’ve clicked on the HTML Editor by mistake.

Click on the Visual Mode tab.

I'm in the Stone Age when it comes to IT. Is there a key for the HTML Editor on a Mac? Where would I find the Visual Mode tab? Sorry for boring the pants off the other readers of this discussion!

Click on the other tab:

Thanks Stepeanut. Now I know what you mean. Trouble is I'm not seeing that box at all under "Reply to this" so I can't click on either of the tabs. Maybe the problem will correct itself. I've had some funny skeleton-type layouts appearing before that correct themselves after a few days.

You’re welcome.

Maybe try a different browser, or try clearing your cookies and reload the site.

Not authentic i.m.o. 

Would this be a seller based in Australia?

Thanks, and no, they are from the states. I'll definitely be passing on this one, given the responses. Why do you ask?

A serial forger of Hemingway and other stellar literary autographs from that part of the world who was active on ebay a few years ago (and gravitated to other sites). He was pretty successful and whenever I see a dodgy Hemingway I wonder if it is one of his being recycled.

Unfavourable as your example is, however, his "products" were probably even less sophisticated.



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