I got this for a good deal. I know my first clue, but Jimmy Carter's auto looked familiar to me, so I made the mistake and assumed they all were legit. What do you guys think?

George Bush 41

Jimmy Carter

Gerald Ford

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The Bush and Carter look strange. I have never seen a Bush with “George” signed like that and the “Bush” part doesn’t look quite right either. The Jimmy Carter has a bad start to it. The rest also looks off from what I am used to seeing, especially the “er” in Carter. The Ford almost looks okay but with it being alongside two questionable signatures I would think also probably fake but MAYBE they took an authentic Ford signed card and added the other two. 

Yeah, I agree the "J" looks funky on Jimmy Carter signature, but I felt the rest was fine and chalked it up as a hurried signature and he made a mistake and tried to correct it. .... Or it could be a mistake of a forger. The Bush one looks weird to me as that whole signature feels off. 

I can't believe someone would put two forgeries along with one good signature. I mean I do believe it but Jimmy Carter's signature isn't worth that much, so why add that one to a real Gerald Ford? Probably all three are fake. I'd still like to hear opinions, either way.

I actually found this on eBay and it's very similar to the photo I posted. It's not the same seller and the current price is no where near what I paid. It's also signed by the same three Presidents, which I find interesting. 

eBay Link

The eBay example from politicaljunkie92 is not good in my opinion. Slow wobbly signatures. I also have doubts about the first example. Think about it logically... who obtains three presidential signatures on a 3x5 card? 

Both sets are bad forgeries. 

The forger tried to copy certain distinctive elements on each but failed miserably to put the whole signature together.


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