This is an original lobby card for The Three Stooges Meet Hercules. It's also signed by Samson Burke, who played Hercules. Any opinions on the Moe, Larry, and Curly Joe DeRita signatures? 

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Stooges signatures are not real, unfortunately.  They are most definitely off. 

The Samson Burke looks to be dated as from 2002.  My suspicion is that someone added the Stooges after the Burke signature.  Actually, not even quite sure if that's real or not.  It may have been copied from this:

Curley Joe died in 1952 and the Sharpie came out in 1964 so there's a chance that this isn't real.

I think you might be thinking of the original Curly who died in 1952. 

Curly-Joe didn't die until 1993.  Nonetheless, I still believe these aren't real. They just look like they were drawn by someone who knows the fundamentals... but didn't quite get it together right.

p.s.  To make things even more confusing, sometimes Moe even signed for all three.  

I am thinking of the original. That is the same

The lobby card is copyrighted 1961.

Eddy, your p.s. got me looking around, and I found this on Lelands, with all three signatures attributed to Moe Howard. Notice "To Our Good Friend." Could this be an all-Moe example?

The Larry is the same as the Moe-signed secretarial.

Honestly Will, I don't believe this is even an all Moe.   Moe's own supposed signature on the lobby card is weird looking.

Here's a fan photo signed by Moe, Larry and Curly-Joe in blue ballpoint inks.  The black signatures are pre-printed.   

I've personally never seen anything authentically joint-signed all in black felt tip like this lobby card. 

Curly-Joe did not stack his signature like on the lobby card and he always included a hyphen.  Larry's 'signature' on this is just plain awful.  That elongated "L" is goofy looking.

imho, take a hard pass on this.

So that would mean that the one called a Moe-signed secretarial was not signed by Moe, is that right?

I can't even make out the Leland's scan very's so low resolution and blurry.

Here's one that RRauction identifies as being signed by Moe for all 3:

This looks very much like the one you posted above, Eddy, which is not similar to the OP.

Moe was excellent at signing for all three and making them look convincing (he had a lot of practice over the years).  One little difference is that he didn't often join the 'L' and 'a' in Larry like Larry himself usually did at the top of the 'a'.


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