Hey there again, could you check this out please and let me know what you think... Thank you very much

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You're being nice writing that, Terrier.

And what about the PSA cert on The Brady football ?... PSA says it's real

ZZ, I think that the likelihood of PSA actually authenticating that Brady ball is no better than them authenticating the shaky Tiger Woods, Mike Trout, Ken Griffy Jr., Barry Bonds and Pete Rose signed items.

Steve, I have seen the TPA's pass Brady's that are obvious forgeries.  It happens. But there is no way in hell that they passed those foolish baseballs, especially the Bonds and Rose.  NO WAY.

I thought the same thing about some baseballs a guy I know supposedly got at spring training. They were all bad. He had a friend at PSA personally authenticate for him and they all passed. I wouldn’t be shocked if PSA passed these who knows who they have authenticating over there for them these days.

Rick, that's why we trust our own judgement on items that we have been studying for years, over the opinions of others.

Very true.


You're right, Terrier, but like you said, the others autographs make it clear that no TPA COA offered by that seller can be trusted.

These are some of the worst attempted forgeries I have ever seen.

ZZ, anyone offering a real Jimi Hendrix signed baseball for $1,500 probably knows it's not real.

Hendrix on a scrap of paper is worth $2,000+ today.

Hendrix on a baseball would bring $50,000 on a bad day—if one existed.

I don't know if he ever played a stadium, like the Beatles did. They sold out several stadiums on their US tours and signed maybe 5 or so balls. That's the only reason a few were handed to them.

Hendrix was also from the UK (England). The odds of him signing a baseball are pretty low, way lower than the Beatles signing one. So if one did exist, it would be worth a fortune. Probably well in the six figures.

Yet Jack Lorent is selling one he thinks is real for $1,500???




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