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This is my first post. I have read many of your past posts and they are quite helpful. I was looking at a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers signed guitar from Touch of Modern. I did some searching and then called Piece of the Past in Vegas to see if they were the vendor who supplied these guitars to Touch Of Modern. They confirmed it. 

Was wondering what people thought about the authenticity. Here's the link. I appreciate any guidance here.



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FAKE!!! In my humble opinion.

Petty Guitar 100% a Forgery. Piece of the Past has been discussed on this site MANY times so I'm not surprised to see another fake supplied by them. 

Appreciate your opinions Joe W. and Bruce Juice and everyone else who looked at this.

Can I get opinions on this one? from All Things That Rock?


Attachments: No photo uploads here

I woudnt pay 2500 for a pickguard 

wait till one on the body comes around these pickguards are a joke .

Did you see the "Roger Waters"?

i did not. are you saying it's questionable?

Here it is - what do you think of it?

All Things That Rock

i don't know anything about rock autographs. That's why i'm asking you guys.

Buying a Tom Petty signed guitar or other signed Rock memorabilia can be quite tricky. If, as you say, you don't know anything about Rock autographs you will be relying on the opinions of others fully - not a position I envy. I would take some time and read some of the threads here. You can search sellers such as the one you started with in the search engine here and see what you may. There is no rush. :)

my 2 year old can do a better waters

LOL indeed John. It is pretty awful!


First, you are making a wise choice by asking here. You will receive good, solid information and this site has many experienced members to help you along the way.

Second, try to educate yourself before you jump into buying expensive autographs. Get an idea what a genuine autograph looks like and an understanding of current market prices.

EBay is probably not the best place to start. There are many forgeries and the majority of the genuine signatures are over priced.

It's a big investment and taking it a bit slow will prevent you possible major grief down the road.



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