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Mine also was not signed and am getting the run around from center stage.

So are the ones showing up unsigned from Center Stage or her store, or both? mine are on the way from her official store and just wondering what to expect.

I ordered one from Center Stage and her website. The Center Stage is not signed. The one from her website updated that mine was shipped but they claim the post office doesn't give tracking on media mail and first class which is B.S. because everything has tracking these days. Anyways that was like 10 days ago and it still has not arrived. I emailed telling them tracking is issued with every piece of parcel mail and I would like my tracking number but the did not respond.

The ones from her official store ship from the UK and I never get tracking with Cds from there. and it usually takes anywhere from 2 to 3weeks for them to make it to Florida so I'm not worried about them getting here yet, just worried about whether they will be signed or not.

Has anybody received their CD yet?

I have mine in the uk. Signature is good I have loads in person from her and they’re same. 

Thanks. Still waiting for mine in US. Looks good though.

Mine arrived from her store but it isn't signed. I opened it and checked to see if the liner notes were signed but they aren't. Has anyone who experienced this heard back from customer service?

Yeah mine came that way too. Went through the usual runaround with CenterStage. I emailed and said it wasn't signed. Supposed to be a signed cd and not an art card but I could have lived with that. So they told me to open it and it was inside. It wasn't. I made it clear that I was sending it back opened and would still want a refund. So several more emails and it got to the point where I told them to help me out or I would have to make a paypal claim. This was after a couple of weeks of them not following up on anything. Then yesterday they just refunded me. But what a pain. And just an FYI which I didn't catch at first is that this is just a branch of UMG (Universal Music Group) who is notorious for this kind of crap.

It's been more than a week since i contacted them regarding my unsigned cd, no replies yet.

I pmed @umusicsupport & @DeccaRecords on Twitter but they can't be of any help, here are their replies:

Thanks for sending that over! From the order number you provided, it looks like you made a purchase in one of our international stores. Please note that we are not involved with the customer service for purchases made in the United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada online stores. We're sorry for any confusion. Please see the proper contacts for each store listed below.

@DeccaRecords reply:

I’m sorry your CD came unsigned. If you could please directly email and they will pick up this enquiry for you Thanks

They are quicker at taking our money!

Got my two copies today, neither are signed or have signed cards. Both had the SIG sticker on back. Reaching out to her store, intend to give them hell until resolved…not sure why they think this is ok as obviously not just me. 

Did you open them? They’re signed on a card inside not the front. 

(Edit sounds like you did - how weird!)



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