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Thanks, yeah I opened them and looked through everything to make sure…nothing but the unsigned liner notes inside. I thought the art cards may be tucked in with liner notes like Andrew Lloyd Webber but weren’t in either of my two copies 

Back on sale again for anyone who missed out.*/*/Ocean-To-Ocean-Signed-CD/75RP0000000

I would like to buy but too scared to even try at this point. I do not want another headache. Thanks for posting anyways

Thanks, I managed to order one but it is sold out again.

I got my one from her store. It did have the art card in it and it was signed this time.

So they took forever but mine finally showed up and both are unsigned, my receipt says signed and the barcode on the back says SIG so why would they seal them up without a signed art card in them? has anyone heard anything back yet?

My 2 came exactly the same…both had the rectangular SIG sticker/barcode but were unsigned.

I’ve noticed that some unopened ones on eBay also have a circular .SIG sticker too. My Andrew Lloyd Webber came with both stickers and were signed. Neither of the Tori’s came with the circular sticker. 

I’ve emailed her store on Tuesday and no response so far…

Yeah, I haven't heard anyone say they have got a response yet and I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and file a Paypal claim now. 

Yes, mine that was signed (picture earlier in this thread) had the circular sticker and was signed.

Yeah, I’m not sure how the process works but I’m thinking that if it got the circular sticker, art card is inside. 

I really wanted this one so I went ahead and ordered again while they were showing in stock the other day. I figured (correctly) that it may be a while before I get a response on the first order.

I’m probably digging myself into a deeper mess lol but I’ll at least get my money back if I don’t end up with the signed ones. I see they’re “out of stock” again now in her store. 

I got a response from her store asking me to send a photo and also check inside the cds for the cards. Responded with photo and confirmed I checked but no cards…we’ll see. 

Got a further response from her store: 

Thank you for your message.
We are sorry to hear your order arrived unsigned.

We are working with the label to get more signed and will be back in touch once we have an update.

If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.”



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