Hello all!  This U2 autographed guitar is being auctioned off at a local school and based on everything I know about U2, their signing habits, and things I’ve learned through sites like this one, I am confident that these signatures are not real.  I brought it up to the school administrator and they are “on the fence” about removing it from the auction because the salesman from Charity Fundraising Packaging says it’s real at it comes with a COA with a it has to be real, right?  The COA is from RM Real.  I appreciate any insights you may have.  Thanks!

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Hi Paul,

These do not look like real U2 autographs in my opinion, and I feel quite confident of that. Based on what I've seen over the years, I would doubt that ANY autographed pieces consigned to them by Charity Fundraising Packages are real.

Here's a blog about them:

Here's a piece that Inside Edition did on them in 2014:

If the school wants people to participate in their fundraising events in the future, they should make sure what they're selling is real before they auction it.

Thank you for asking about this.

but is so

No, that's fake as can be. As it just about any fully signed U2 guitar you'll find.

Those Charity Fundraising type groups are almost universally straight trash. 

100% fake signs!

Send the school admin the link to the "Inside Edition" story and they hopefully will pull the guitar.  It's 100% fake. 

Thanks for all of your input.  I did send the link to the thread about the Charity Fundraising and the Inside Edition story to the school last week and basically got a dismissive response.  They said that the people commenting in the thread were “enthusiasts” and not experts like RM Read who authenticated the guitar.  They also said that the company in the Inside Edition story was different than the one they used and wanted proof that they are somehow affiliated to the company in the story.  The only concern of mine that the school seemed to agree with is the lack of proof (pictures, documentation, etc) other than the COA and they were going to ask Charity Fundraising about that.

Do you have any other suggestions?  Thanks again for your input.

Dont bid, lol! For reals tho, thats a damn shame. Sadly typical however. 

Now that I think about, they better hope the winner doesnt ever find out its fake. Can you say lawsuit??!!

As opposed to the "experts" who stand to cash in on this. 

RM Real is on the payroll of Charity Grow now known as Charity Fundraising -- he rubber stamps all their stuff.  NO ONE in the autograph community uses him.  He would authenticate a ham sandwich if paid enough.  Sounds like no matter what you say the school doesn't care about authenticity -- until they get sued by someone who gets stuck with the fake stuff they "win" 

It never ceases to amaze me that people insist that TPAs are the only so called experts or knowledagable persons when it comes to autographs. I mean, literally, all it takes is a pair of eyeballs and a little passion to study, lol

Sad that all you have to do as a forger is be a slimeball.

How much would a genuine body-signed U2 guitar sell for?



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