Van Morrison signed lyric sheets look like stamped signatures

Has anyone else had their Van Morrison signed lyric sheets from tm stores in the UK ,i got two both appear to have the same autograph i mean exactly the same like a stamp please see the picture 

i contacted them and they told me they were assured by Van Morrisons managment that they are all actually hand signed but these look to be the same even down to the skips in the pen on the left of the V s it possible these can be an actual live signature has anyone encountered this with theirs ,i also wondered if the cd's were stamped aswell and if they, have maybe four or five different signature style stamps 


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It is not possible that those stamps could be hand signed. Obviously they are identical.

Stamped or autopen, they are not genuine.

I believe those are printed in some way.

He didn't sign anything. This is being discussed here:

I didnt see that thank you ,im sending mine back to TM stores what a con 

Both of the above samples display a notched deficit in the right side on the first stroke (downward). I believe this are printed.

Looking at the signature i have now noticed the same one on some of the so called signed cds and though the same signature on the lyric sheets it is in a slightly different place on each one so it must be a stamp 

pre printted cds and lyric shets total scam again return time



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