I will be the first to admit that Star Wars is about as "modern" as I get with entertainment. But, I have been hit by the bug to collect autographs related to one of my favorite shows and comic books, The Walking Dead.

Show us what you got. Please be sure to label photos clearly to avoid confusion, i.e., if it's verified authentic, unknown, suspect or a known fake, please be sure to clearly state it.

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I'll kick it off with my first two Walking Dead additions to my collection. Michael Rooker and Melissa McBride. Both verified authentic through Official Pix signings. 

Sorry, not supposed to be sideways. All In pers. monster mania. Was surprised what happened last week. This and Game of thrones are my two favorite TV shows. Cracks me up the serious space guy likes this stuff! Hey its ok, Im 55.

Signed by T Dog, Hershel, Carl, Merle, Glenn, Shane ,Andrea.

Cracks me up the serious space guy likes this stuff! Hey its ok, Im 55.

LOL. Hey... my first collecting passion was comic books. Since I was in grade school in the 70s, I've collected Silver Age Marvel... graduated to Golden Age Actions, etc.

I love space, historical, vintage entertainment, baseball HOF, Star Wars, etc. I have many interests. Balance and variety are good! :-)

holy. amazing.

I love this discussion title Steve.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :-)
The only Walking Dead piece in my collection of by far my favorite character (also from Opx). It framed real nicely. I just started getting into the show and I'm almost caught up. I definitely plan on adding more soon, most likely at Walker Stalker Con this summer.

Nice, I love the pic.

Ive posted all of mine before, but I love these kinds of threads....Some of the images where hard to capture as they are 24x36 posters and had to be taken with a camera phone.

, All in person signatures

Great stuff, AJ. I notice your Reedus SP is much nicer than almost all the SPs I see on eBay. A show signature I presume?



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