Was there ever a celebrity who personally signed all requests for autographs and didn't use a secretary?

Early in her career, Joan Crawford made a point of personally signing all requests for autographs. 

Has there ever been a celebrity who insisted on personally signing all requests for autographs?

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Art Carney, Joyce Randolph.

David Bowie, apart from a very few secretarials.

I'm really impressed that star the caliber of David Bowie personally signed his autographs. 

they were both class-acts.

Betty White

I'm not surprised that Betty White signed all her autographs considering what a kind, genuine, and authentic person she was.

Jason Wingreen was a very kind signer.  

I hadn't heard that about Jason. Fine actor. 

There are too many celebrities to name that personally sign thru the mail. The TTM community is alive and well and there are numerous websites (fanmail.biz being the biggest) that you can consult to see success stories.

Just to name AUTHENTIC successes that I’ve had in the past year: Bob Newhart (even added more stamps to my return envelope), Vera Miles, Ann Blyth, Keir Dullea, Francis Ford Coppola, Ed Asner (RIP), Joe Walsh, M. Emmett Walsh (sent me a ton of stuff), Sally Struthers, Catherine Deneuve, and probably a bunch more I can’t think of now.

A tip is to send it to older celebrities and not the newer ones who will use autopen and secretarial.

I am waiting on Jon Voight, Susan Sarandon, Jason Alexander, Jim Brown. They send authentic signatures but it takes a little while.

Jon Voight may have stopped signing. I believe people were sending him threatening letters due to politics and that put him off of fan mail.

I’ve been waiting over a year for him I figured something was up because most successes from him are only a little over a month. Wish his people would send me back the Midnight Cowboy lobby card I sent him. Thanks for the info

Once you send it they can keep it.



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