Was there ever a celebrity who personally signed all requests for autographs and didn't use a secretary?

Early in her career, Joan Crawford made a point of personally signing all requests for autographs. 

Has there ever been a celebrity who insisted on personally signing all requests for autographs?

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Yep, I lost a lot of prized stills and movie posters I sent to stars to sign and they either kept them or tossed in the trash. 

I was able to get him in 2020. He's in a lot of my favorite movies and have always liked him. Nice guy and still wears that jacket from Varsity Blues.

Imagine that, He's lost his mind. Like Clint Eastwood.

Years ago when I was younger, I found more success getting autographs of the older stars if I included a self-addressed-stamped-envelope. I'm talking about the days before the Internet when you had to get addresses out of the Who's Who. It was through the Who's Who I connected with Hedy Lamar, Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, and a whole host of old politicians and movie stars. 

Yes, I found the old-timers much more accommodating than young stars.

James Stewart was another one that signed authentic ttm but towards the very end of his life after he had a stroke he used autopen and a secretary to sign some of his requests. 

I was fortunate enough to get an authentic signed photo of James Stewart as young star very stylishly dressed. He was true gentleman. 

I talked to a film historian who said Joan Crawford never let anyone else sign for her. She viewed the signing as another of her disciplines that demonstrated her care for her fans. She signed photos in any downtime and even when being chauffeured in a car (as shown in the film. Mommie Dearest.) She would often hand out signed photos to waiting fans as she exited a car so she didn’t have to stop to sign. She never wanted to disappoint them but also didn’t want to be tied up. 

Sylvia Miles would get mail at her home and would sign and return anything. She’d even pay for postage if they didn’t include it. 

Old school stars had a different work ethic. 

You're definitely right....Joan Crawford was very good to her fans.  She did use secretaries though.  They're fairly easy to spot.... once you get onto it.

You beat me to this comment, lol. She certainly did use secretaries once in a while.

Thanks for letting me know. What are some of the hallmarks of a true signature versus a secretarial?

Here from THECEAD (defunct):

Click for the full image. I don't know what happened to the quality but you will see enough.

I did not realize Brucato's database was no longer there.  I know it probably was expensive to keep going, but it was very valuable.  I had some on there.  



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