How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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This is an original promotional poster from 1971 for the very first album released by Alligator Records. Accordingly to a very knowledgable source at Alligator, there were only 1,000 (or less) of these posters printed, and they were sent to DJs and PR people in promotion of the initial Hound Dog Taylor release. The poster is signed in the lower left corner by Bruce Iglauer, founder and president of Alligator Record. The hand drawn alligator beneath his signature is a moniker sometimes found with his signature. I received this today via the mail directly from Mr. Iglauer.

And you can see Hound Dog's 6 fingers!

Bruce Iglauer has done a lot for the blues by keeping Alligator strong.

Pink Floyd Ummagumma signed by all.  Just back from framing.  The Holy Grail for me....big thanks to the many who helped this purchase happen, and you know who you are.  Never in million years did I think I'd own a fully signed LP by this band.  

Congrats Christopher.  Looks good framed.

Real nice Chris,congrats.nicw framejob.

She’s a beaut. Congrats Chris

great piece great sigs,  congratulations

But you gave me a panic attack when I quickly read "signed by all" and "holy grail" hahaha

I thought you had Syd signed too lol

Thanks guys.  Much appreciated.  I was reluctant to accept the frame guy's recommendation for the pink inner matte, but he's been right before and it is Pink Floyd after all.  Goodcat53 - sorry for the rather careless language, haha.  It's funny how the definition of "holy grail" changes the longer you're in this addictive hobby.  With Syd, this would indeed be as good as it gets. 

No worries, my blood pressure is back to normal now haha

great choice on the pink border. It goes great with this LP color

the placement of the sigs are awesome... all slanted similarly and pleasing to the eye. 

I'm Jealous! Congrats, Looks great!

That's the nicest Pink Floyd signed album and display I've seen in ages! 

I'm with Steve, that is simply gorgeous. Framing looks amazing, congrats!


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