I'm pretty sure there is a thread on this already, but I cannot locate it.

Since Caiazzo isn't authenticating besides his own stuff, who is the go to company or person to authenticate Beatles autographs?  Any suggestions is appreciated.


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perfect Ballroom. this not only shows a similar M, with the 3rd hump higher (still unusual) but clearly shows where the C is formed.

Please post the autograph, Daniel. 

Is it the one in your photographs from Tel Aviv that you have photo proof of him signing?


In the past I have sent some in person McCartney autographs to the auctioneers - Christie's and Sothebeys for valuations, only to get a reply saying that in their opinion they are not genuine ! Ok, these were by no means great, perfect signatures (which is why I was considering selling them), but it's quite worrying really
Ric if you still have those mccartney signatures any chance of posting them just so we could have a look out of interest. Yes it is worrying. I just want to look at what's being rejected,but not to point the finger
..there have been 4 that the auctioneers were doubtful of, two of them I no longer have, the other two I have uploaded in this discussion- the signature on revolver looks atypical I suppose (and the first hump of the M is small), the other one of Paul with a bit of the letter M looks nice I think (although abbreviated). Anyway, I got them in person myself so I,'m happy and not looking to sell them. The revolver was signed a bit rushed as there were a number of people around, the other was signed quite relaxed with only me there.
That's too bad Ric and Revolver is such a great album. I take it there fairly modern signatures that have been rejected.
I heard that Mccartney 's fruit shop didn't do so well in London. (Apple, it's a joke.)
I've had the same problem from Roger while other authenticaters give a yes Mr E has given a no on something clearly authentic !!! But we are at the mercy of these Demi Gods in this proffession !!!
A little bit like the Andy Worhol committee you can have a REAL WORHOL given to you by him worth millions but if they do no
It's worth 20 bucks !! So you get a Dylan say signed in person that you obtain
It's worth say 1,500$ then to sell it on you need a mr Epperson letter !! But he deems it not good so it's a 10 buck item
We are at there mercy but what can we do ?? We need more authenticators !!!
This is NOT A DIG AT ROGER at all but as many of you may agree it is FACT !
And the work Mr Epoerson does is by enlarge great

Hi sorry to bother you but you seem very knowledgeable about all things Beatles signed, 

i recently purchase a Paul mccartney autographed item and it passed Epperson’s quick opinion and I recently had it fully authenticated by BAS Steve grad works for them now, my question is even though it already has a full coa letter from Beckett would you recommend me to send to Epperson as well? Reason I went to Beckett is because I went to a show in person and didn’t have to send it in 

thanks for any advice in advance 


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