I know this comes with a PSA certificate, but otherwise looks authentic? I’m not sure what the Say Hey hologram is all about for certain, I think its his personal foundation? 


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It's a long story, but signed baseballs bearing the Sey Hey hologram have come under suspicion. It MAY be ok, but many credible people question them. I would avoid.

Okay, thanks. With the PSA sticker and the signature looking okay (to me) I went and picked it up as the bid was closing. Buyer beware I guess. Thanks again.

I submitted a Say Hey “certified” ball to PSA and they authenticated it, but I also know they’ve rejected quite a few Mays items (it feels like mostly bogus 8x10s).  I’d be Leary buying stand alone Say Hey items, but with the additional PSA authentication, I’d be fairly confiden... Maybe I’m wrong though?

I did pick it up for under $200, which kind of seems a little too good to be true, but the seller had a 100% rating and a long history on EBay. Does anyone have an opinion on the signature itself?

I think it might be ok. Not completely sold on it. It does have the PSA but, you never know. Anything with the say hey hologram has come under scrutiny the last few years. Too easy to counterfeit. Yes, I've seen them on a lot of 8x10s 

I own a few Fleece Mops. Nice exemplars.

I am pretty sure Mays signed balls go for $125-200 with solid authentication.

Under $200 doesn't feel too good to be true.  You can generally get a nice Mays with solid authentication for around $150

I checked a few websites like sportsmemorabilia.com for instance and the lower end ones generally started in the $300s?

Fleece Mop. I won't get that outta my head now lol.  With the feedback I've received here and the PSA I'm just going to go ahead and trust it's the real deal. Thanks to everyone for their help.

Sorry guys, this one’s been bugging me.

i watched a video blog last night from Powers Sports Memorabilia last night about authentication stickers to watch out for and of course the ‘Say Hey’ sticker came up. I sent an image of my ball to him he took a look and along with another third party authentication from the ‘big 3’ gave the opinion that it was not genuine even with the PSA sticker to go along with it.

What I’m looking for are ANY and ALL further opinions on authenticity of my ball before I bite the bullet and go ahead and replace it. And a larger question, how much faith can I put into third party authenticators such as PSA, JSA and Beckett.

A few more photos, thanks again :

As I wrote previously, I think this is suspect and I would not touch it. And I know for a fact that at least some "Sey Hey" product has been rejected by the big 3. It's possible that TPAs may have approved some early on that would not be approved today. 

I believe that the big 3 are typically highly accurate on names like Mantle, Mays, Williams, DiMaggio, etc. That is their wheelhouse.

Can you provide a link to the video to which you refer?



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