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Written Proof From Ebay that it does not care about Fake Autographs!

I reported this obvious fake "Let it Be" signed album with LOA from busted "Operation Bullpen" scammer Donald Frangipani. (His LOA's are on ebay's "Banned" List). 


Got back this response from them: 

What happened:
We looked into your report and didn’t find the listing to be in violation of our policy.  This determination was made by a customer service agent..

Your reference ID:

Here are the listings you reported that are included in this decision:
Item: 156139334485 All 4 Beatles Autographed “Let It be” Album with Letter Of Authenticity.

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Yup, I have some emails like that. When I first saw you could report and get a ID Case # and the chance to follow up and provide images and data I thought - "gee, sounds good" but after getting one thing removed all I get are these stupid emails. Last one was for an item that claimed JSA in the title and listing but did not have it at all. EBay sent me just such an email. I don't bother anymore.

However, I just tried again with a boatload of data, links to Bullpen, etc. I'm not hopeful.

The sad situation is that eBay makes just as much money when a fake item is sold as when a genuine one is sold.   eBay no longer even has a way to actually interact with a human being anymore.   

I just talked to a rep today who confirmed my refund on an item that was shipped with damage that the seller tried to blame on me.  You use the chat thing and ask enough times and they will call you. Never had a problem getting a call.

Wow, you can’t even get something removed that’s on the banned list. How do you receive a response when reporting an item?

You fill out the three drop boxes and then get an email with a specific ID number and then contact them in the way I mentioned above with that ID or reference #.

Got it. Thank you. I haven’t reported an item in quite some time.

I reported this tonight and let’s see what response I receive.

Same response. Does not contravene eBay policy !!! Reported it again.  I think if you do it long enough you may get someone who actually understands what they are supposed to do.  I think when the item is framed and looks good these amateur eBay scrutineers tend to overlook the obvious .

Not in violation a second time!!! Third time lucky.

Well now third time was lucky the listing has been removed !!!

That might well be me - I inundated them as I mentioned with links, Bullpen data, FBI, Frangipani data, etc and more. I also told them to call or contact me for discussion of additional evidence.



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