I'm going to treat myself to an X-Files signed photo from an upcoming Official Pix signing. I'm wavering between two poses.

This one signed by Anderson and Duchovney:

Or this one signed by four:

I like the idea of getting signed by four main characters, yet I like the aesthetics of first photo better.

A first world problem, I know. :-) Thoughts?

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I never like making tough decisions. Buy both! We are so spoiled. Life in the US of A....

Haha I knew someone would say buy both. 

I’ve been good, but not that good. :-)

I like the first image as well - it seems the safest bet for visual success. The second might present contrast weirdness (it is dark and light and dark....) and/or be overpowered by 4 sigs, esp if in gold or silver or some such. 

As an X-Files fan, I would definitely go with the first one, Steve.

No other opinions? 

Is this topic too positive to elicit more responses? LOL ;-)

I can only add all 4 sigs on the second might make the image recede, especially if the "tie together". First photo also has the name "X Files" and a stronger X-based composition. Second could be asking for trouble is 2-3 ways perhaps.

Appreciate your feedback. I checked with OfficialPix and they indicated the image with four would likely be signed in Silver in the corners.

BTW, I would go with 11x14 size. I think an 8x10 may be too cramped with 4 sigs.

Hi Steve.

I prefer getting the one with all four signatures as I think that will be better in the long run. For a big fan of the show, it is better to get all four main characters in my opinion. One day, will be harder to complete.

Im actually considering that top photo. I prefer the saucer "believe" X files show ad one but they don't offer that one. If you are a big fan you would want the one signed by all four.

Thanks for the input everyone... much appreciated.

I know it's not a world shaking decision either way, but as collectors this is the kind of collecting conundrum that makes the hobby interesting (at least to me). :-)

I took a different approach in my decision making. I looked at it from the angle of potential "lost opportunity."

I don't mean to be disrespectful or crass in any way, but the reality is that William B. Davis is 80 years old. Hopefully he'll still be around for a long time. But, given the fact that four-signed X-Files pics are much less common, I thought I might be kicking myself if I didn't take advantage of the four-signed opportunity now.

Anderson and Duchovney are middle age and willing signers who -- God willing -- will be around for many more private signings. 

The X-Files results are in...

I'm glad I went with the 11x14 pose signed by four. It came out great and thrilled to add it to my collection. Nice job by OfficialPix.

Beautiful Steve!



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