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The Nostalgia Convention 2013 with guests Julie Newmar,Ed Asner and much more!

Adventures throughout the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Con 2013

By Mark J Gross 

Where else on Earth could you find a more classic and classy show featuring all together the likes of Ed Asner, Julie Newmar, Robert Loggia, Larry Storch, Johnny Crawaford, Elizabeth Shepherd, Jeff Connors, Diana Sowle, Conrad Brooks, Rusty Gilligan, and Margaret O’Brian? Plus some of the original Blob, a drive up of the Batcycle , the Batmobile and so much more from…


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Mark Gross' article on the Shore-Leave Convention 8/2013. Bill Shatner was there and more!!

Transporting into the Shore-Leave Convention 2013

                           By Mark J Gross

The term Shore Leave, to many of us could mean taking some time away from your ship as it were. Or, it could mean the Star Trek episode of the same name. Or, it could mean you better prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure for 3 days within the area of Cockeysville, and Hunt Valley Maryland, Earth. August 2013, at the…


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Creative Works of Mario Della Casa

Creative Works of Mario Della Casa  By Mark J Gross  

Have you ever held in your very own hands, a Jeannie bottle? Yes, a Jeannie bottle from the TV show I Dream of Jeannie. Well it is a fun thing to do. You find yourself opening the top, and even rubbing the sides to see if Jeannie is going to rise out in a puff of smoke. 

However, if she does not…


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A few video celebrity interviews from my archives- or Markives as it were!

Hello fellow autograph collectors and genre Con goers.

Here is a link to a few, maybe about 90 some interviews I have have done in the long past and more recently.

I will attend quite a few more Conventions/ Autograph shows, this year.

Many people have asked to see some of these interviews and not just read some excerpts from them.

I have literally hundreds and hundreds of these from the past almost 30 years of doing this.

 But at this time , I only have…


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My One Day at the Chiller Con 4/29/2013

The Chiller Theatre Convention is filled with celebrities, musicians, artists, wrestlers, models, zombies, monsters, vampires and so much more. The celebrity guests are all usually, human, mostly. This is a three day event, twice a year, to which I happily attended the Sunday show on April 28, 2013. My friend Anthony and I drove up to NJ to spend a few incredible hours at Chiller from Baltimore. I thank Kevin and Eddie who allow me Press passes to cover the event!

This foray of guests…


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R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen 1920-2013

Here are a few items I have had hand signed in person for me by the great Ray Harryhausen over the years! These are hanging all over my walls. I also have many more still photos signed by Ray and I own ALL of his books signed for me as well! I wrote a long article on him back in 2006 for Autograph Magazine. The one poster is from the Famous Monsters Con in 1993 and signed by many icons like…

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I interviewed 7 actors on 4/28/2013, at CHILLER THEATRE!

I attended the famous ,Chiller Theatre Convention yesterday, Sunday 4/28/2013!

I  interviewed , Theodus Crane and the Bow Man from The Walking Dead, plus, actress Erika Eleniak, Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster), James Tolkan ( Bact to the Future), Tia Carrere ( Waynes World), and John Amos (Good Times) ! They also signed their photos for me. 

Many many more guests there, but attending for just one day, it is difficult to run around in many areas of the hotel and interview while…


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Chiller Theatre Con...Autographs and more! 4/2013

I will be at the famous Chiller Theatre Convention in NJ this weekend, and it features some great celebrity guests from many genres!

My write up, blog, article , or whatever you want to call it , ok, my coverage of the event featuring excerpts of my interviews and autographed pics coming soon!

I have a few other con info to write up as stay tuned. …


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Your Sci-Fi Guy, Mark J Gross here, with upcoming autograph show blogs soon!

Hello fellow fans and autograph collectors!

I will be attending many sci-fi, horror, and nostalgia genre autograph convention this year again, as I have for quite a few years now.

I will be writing my blogs here dealing with the conventions , it's happenings , fans , and much more , but especially those celebrities that attend these to meet , greet and autograph for we fans.

Info on some shows from last year upcoming , such as Nostalgia-Con, Farpoint, Shore-Leave,…


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Alan Bean/Dick Gordon Hand signed space capsule for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am selling  a REAL and TRULY AUTHENTIC double ASTRONAUT autograph on a nice space collectable model of the command module.

Alan Bean and Dick Gordon of Apollo 12 both signed this for me at a space show quite a few years ago.

Here is the link. You will know after seeing and reading my desciption and photos this is the real deal!

Thanks......ask any questions you may have!…


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Shore-Leave, Nostalgia Con and Monster Mania Convention articles coming soon and more!

I covered the Farpoint, Shore-Leave, Nostalgia- Con, and Monster Mania shows all this Summer.

Last years Chiller and a few other conventions as well.

I have interviewed scores of genre celebrities and acquired some awesome autographs as well this year of 2012.

Articles and photos coming this month!

Please stay tuned and please stand by.......................

Photo of myself and Edward Herrman from The Lost Boys and Asia Argento from Land of the…


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Monster Mania Con THIS weekend in Maryland!!!

The awesome Monster Mania Convention is on the way back THIS weekend 9/28-30th/2012 in Hunt Valley Maryland!

I will be there to cover it and grab some guest interviews!

Check out the link to the show and I will see you there!

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Faerie-Con this weekend, Baltimore Md! 11/4-11/6 2011

A very fun and unique convention done every year here in Baltimore is the Faerie-Con, held at Hunt Valley Marriott!

Always a wonderful show with lots going see you there this weekend!

Hee is their link.


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Halloween Chiller Convention was GREAT, with Iconic celebrity interviews I received!! 10/30/2011

I was able to interview classic icons of film this past weekend at the Chiller Theatre show, Halloween 2011.

I was lucky to interview..... Bruce Dern, Martin Landau, Louise Fletcher, Louis Gossett Jr. , Pam Grier, and current actress Sandra Taylor!

Chiller always features a GREAT guest line-up indeed! This is an awesome show every April and October.

I will write up a piece about the show soon, right here, so please stand by............…


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My report on the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Con in Baltimore, with GREAT guest stars in attendance!

The incredible classic and

unique Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention, or MANC as it is called, landed back

in Baltimore for 2011, and what a show it was indeed!

However, you are not allowed

to call it MANC, unless you have attended!

Martin Grams has this passion

to take our love of nostalgic television, and films,  actors and actresses, science fiction,  artists, dealers,  collectors, autograph seekers, fans from here

and out of this realm as well, and allows…


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The Nostalgia Convention was GREAT!!! Many Classic guests and more!

I attended the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Con this past weekend...9/22-24//2011, in Baltimore, Md. and it was incredible!

The guests there were Patty Duke, Michael Constantine, Karen Valentine, Tony Dow, DAVY JONES, Billy Gray, Jimmy Hunt, Charles Herbert, Larry Storch, Conrad Brooks, Ed Nelson, Jim Rosen, Mark Redfiled, and Lauren Chapin.....all at ONE show!!!!

I was there to snap photos and get some great interviews with the guests!

You MUST attend next year if you missed…


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Monster Mania Convention SEPT. 16-18 Baltimore MD!!!!

Monster Mania Convention is one of the BEST shows around!!!

The guests are a unique and an awesome line up, and you must acquire some incredible autographs here!

So much fun, with guest stars, dealers rooms, and soooooo much more!!!

This is the show to attend, you will be so happy you came out for this wonderful experience!

Here is the link.....see you there!…


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Shore-Leave Convention Baltimore this upcoming weekend!! 7/8/2011 - 7/10/2011

I will be at the fan run, awesome Shore-Leave Convention this weekend in Baltimore Md.

Here is their link......see you fans there!

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Monster Mania in Baltimore was great! 6/5/2011

The nice powers that be at Montser Mania allowed me press passes to cover this years Baltimore convention.

So, I was very lucky to have met and interviewed actor Lance Hendricksen!!

I will be writing much more here about the Montser Mania Con and my interview and autographs with Lance Hendricksen. So as they say......."Please Stand By".....

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Monster Mania in Baltimore June 3-5th 2011

The Montser Mania Convention will be at the Hunt Valley Marriott here in Baltimore this upcoming weekend of June 3-5th!

The guest line-up is great, and everyone will be signing autographs!

Hope to see you all there.

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