1949 Vivien Leigh SPc as Blanche - Help Needed Reading Dedication

"Miss(?)XXXXXXXX Hughes, Sincerely Vivien Leigh"? Any help appreciated. Signed vintage photographic postcard showing the London production.

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Tom Kramer suggested it is in French but I don't know. Its strange - she is never this bold and now that she is I can't read it beyond what appears "Sincerely" and what seems "Hughes" LOL

I think the third word is “wishes.”

Pardon but what are we calling the third word? On which line? Sorry :(

Third across the top. Looks like it may be "Wis [break] hes"

I also believe "Sincerely" is the second line.

[?] [?] wishes (?)


Thank you Steve. :)

Thrilled to report this late 1949 photograph was taken by Angus McBean.




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