A Friendly Challenge - Which Joan Crawford SP do YOU Prefer? #1 or #2?

Hi All,

I have received a friendly challenge from a fellow member - David Lewis. Simply put - which do you prefer? 1 or 2?

#1 2X weight studio portrait C. 1930's

#2 2X weight studio portrait C. 1954

Thanks for playing along. All in good fun.



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Don't be shy folks! Cast a vote - there is an entire dollar riding on this! The criterion are lighting, composition and quality.

Yup, Two rolls of pennies at stake.

2 by a mile - assuming they are of the same size.

I believe the criteria are "angle, lighting and signature". One has better ink, one is much larger. It is my understanding the images are against each other in this challenge. If it were just ink or size there would be no contest depending which of those two qualities you covet more. Thanks for voting and playing along!

I prefer the image in 2 as well as the signature. I know the image in 1 is from a more classic period but I've seen rather too many "alluring glance" type shots and the image in 2 is far more dramatic.

Personally I prefer image one. 

Thanks for voting Mark. :)

Image 2 for me Eric

I would prefer image #1.


There would be several variables to consider. But, if both were priced the same, I would go with number 1. Although it does not show the right edge in this scan.

Both are great....but in choosing, it's #2 for me. That's the Joan who had a resurgence to her career through film noir. In fact, if I am not mistaken, I believe this is a portrait from SUDDEN FEAR (1952)?


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