Not a musician, but I think this might interest some people on here.

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Thank you!  This is likely a high value item given that Ai Weiwei is quite reclusive and he is going to go down in history as one of the art giants due to his activism against the communist regime.  Not even sure if this is ever going to ship given his unpredictable nature but worth a try.  

I agree, if this goes ahead it will be an amazing item

Some dudes already asking for $1,999 for it on eBay. Lol. This may be the new Bitcoin.

Not shipping to UK because of Covid!!!!!

Wikipedia says he lives in the Uk, so Bolo it may pop up soon on Waterstone or some place else

Thanks for posting this. I never would have seen it otherwise.

Thank you for sharing this pre-order link.  Should be a great book with our without signature.

Very interesting indeed. Don't hesitate to put non-musician here when it is quality like this !

Great find! I managed to order a copy before it sold out.

I noticed they restocked these if anyone missed out 

Does anyone know how to get around the fact that 'due to cover regulations' they will not ship to the UK? I would love to get one of these. Regards

You can use a forwarding service. There are several; some have a monthly fee, others charge a fee per package. Make a couple of calculations first on their site, the shipping charges vary widely between services.


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