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Looks like one hand at a glance. I'd pass from this small scan.

I agree with Eric. That looks pretty bad.

The LOA is shady as well. A hard pass on this one. 

What do you see that is shady? 

I'm helping someone with this and would really appreciate something more solid to give them... I appreciate everyone big time.

Why do you think it is good?

I am supposed to be neutral but no, I had a few questions about it myself. 

I know that I will be asked for details though and want to be prepared, either way. The stones signatures are not my forte at all and figured I would be better asking here.

I had that same thought about the LOA.  I have a couple of Letters from JSA with items they have certified and they are not formatted like that.   

Sometimes Letters provided through an auction house were formatted differently, but it's hard to tell from the provided image.

Okay, that's good to know. Thanks for the info and your time.

You can point out that Billl’s name isn’t spelled correctly. It looks like it starts with an S?

 Good eye. I noticed the same thing originally. Nice to know it wasn't just me, seeing that.

Thanks for the help.

All signed in same hand.

That's what I was thinking as well. Thanks for your input.



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