Just want some honest opinions on if you guys think any of these auctions are legit or should I steer clear. JSA's office is about 40 minutes from where I live but costs 100$ to authenticate. I am likely going to them after if I am to buy from one of those listings. I really don't want be out a 100$ on a forgery. Thanks

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None of these are real in my opinion. I'm confident of that.

All I could look at were the first two.  Then the links wouldn’t work for...they just took me to ebay.  However, the two that I looked at were definitely fake in my opinion.

IMO they are all fake.

Thanks for the advice. To be honest im terrible with identifying autographs. Which is why I'm here asking for your help. Here are some other listings.

The CD looks legit and the magazine. But I'm far from an expert. Any tips on how to tell would be great.

Every single item you have listed are not authentic.  Not one.  It's getting harder by the day to find authentic Michael Jackson autographe.  Dont worry.  This forum is great support.  Wascher is the absolute best.

This one above (my link) is authentic (I am not the seller, nor do I know this seller, but I rarely see "real" MJ's on eBay below 1k, and your looking so thought I would send it). 

Anything that is half way legible (and real) for an MJ sig is usually going to go for 700-800 (regular scrap of paper) on up over 1k usually for albums, cd's etc.  Thriller and Bad albums will command more (1500 on up) due to their status in his Music legacy.  Early MJ's that are legible (old school sigs) are nice to find as well as there is no doubt they are legit (such as the link above) - its too bad he signed on the back - but it is legit, and a nice one imo.

I agree with Wascher. The one she pointed out is a great autograph and an excellent buy.

I bought this about 2 or 3 weeks ago. It is AFTAL certified. I am pretty sure it is legit. Unfortunately the ebay seller took it out of the really cool frame it was in and it got damaged a little bit. As much as I want it, it is not worth the 238$ to get it shipped even though it does have a mint BAD vinyl in it. He did refund me 40$ though. I was going to get JSA to certify it but due to the damage Im just keeping it in a nice black frame from Michael's. Apparently he paid 1100$ two years ago. I paid 130 including the refund. I wished he would have offered me the frame before he took it out. Here are the photos of the original frame and picture and the COA. Soccergraphs UK looks legit.The old site is now replaced with this site They seem to specialize in all sorts of autograph stuff and I got the dealers business card as well.  Also I found the old listing where the seller bought it from , I have no idea why it is still up, although it is removed from the amazon site.Also their UK number never changed. I just have been on the look out for a hopefully good shape piece for a good deal. That HBO documentry has caused a lot of MJs stuff to crash in price. Which is a utter lie by the way. But thats beside the point. Which is why I have been on the look out for a nice piece for the wall. Still though I am still pretty happy with the piece I got. Just a little bummed out due to it getting damaged. I can't believe the seller did not think to put it in a plastic sheet and in a thick plastic cover. I really think he wanted to keep the frame and the other stuff because he really didn't want to get rid of it. 

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Also I know its legit because here is a very similar PSA certified item and the signature is SPOT ON.  It is the 7th picture down the line

You guys have been a great help. I think I am going to take my time or just cherish with what I have. Im happy. It is a shame though. I really wished I would have mailed MJ a picture to sign for me when I was a kid. Apparently he would sign anything you send to him as long as you were nice. Although it would take some time time due to the constant fan mail he would get. I also attached the damaged pictures. I really don't notice it in the frame.

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You're correct its spot on and the signature itself is good, BUT its the VERY SAME signature as yours

So which one is real ? 

Here's PSA

Here's yours

And then one laid over the other

So which one is real? 

I am certain mine is legit. They are very similar but not quite exact. There are some differences. With gaping and spacing. I highlighted a few points.

Nice observation Wascher!!!

My guess is Brandon's has been an attempted forgery.



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