This is my first post as a new member of the Autograph Live forum.  Interested in opinions on the two Audrey Hepburn signatures attached.

First, the SIG in the display was the very first autograph I ever acquired so has a very special meaning.  I bought the SIG to create the display as a gift to my wife.  It seems consistent with known authentic exemplars but appreciate your POVs.

Second, the signed Volpe print from Roman Holiday seems consistent with similar examples of this signed print I have seen on reputable dealers and auctions websites.  

Hoping both are authentic but there is value in learning more about our hobby even if they are not.  Thank you in advance for you direction.

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I genuinely feel very bad in saying this but I doubt very much that either is real.

I have a number of Audrey autographs from all periods and neither of your examples is consistent with them. In both cases the "Audrey" part looks the most off.

I am trying to get an urgent job done at the moment but I will try to post some of my examples later in the week or next weekend if you need them.

In the meantime, search for Audrey in the search bar and I'm sure you'll come across a lot of examples in the threads that come up, including some of mine.

I know what it feels like to be given this kind of news so I'm very sorry to be the first one giving it.

Ooof!  A bit of a punch to the stomach but EXACTLY the candid feedback I am hoping for.  Thank you, a pug called eva.

AML is such a great resource and community.  I have spent hours reading threads and comparing images but nothing compares to an expert opinion.  I expect to find some "bad" autographs in my collection which is okay.  My primary objective is to "clean up" the collection to help our kids make decisions on what to keep, sell or donate when I am no longer the curator.

I am also interested in learning, so appreciate you sharing authentic images and commentary when you have an opportunity.  Thank you.

Agree, not her hand. I had the pleasure of having wine with her at a table for two in about 1990. It was magnificent.

Thank you, Eric. Disappointing to hear but empowering to know.

RE: "table for two" - WOW!  She always struck me as a genuine and caring person throughout her life.  Autographs are nice but "moments" are unforgettable.  Would love to know how that moment with her came together if you care to share.

Just getting back to you as promised beardog1

Here are a couple of links to threads with examples, including some of mine:

Having trouble uploading images but I'll keep trying...

Hope you like the images above. For some reason I couldn't combine text and images in a single reply.

Hopefully you can see why I was doubtful about the examples in your original post. If you need me to go into detail I'd be happy to.

Thank you for the images, links and commentary.  It helps me get better with our hobby.

One trait that jumps off the page in my examples is the height of the "d".  Seems like authentic examples maintain a fairly "squatty" profile throughout the signature.  Additionally, I can definitely see a difference with the "A".

There are so many more invaluable resources today than when I acquired most of my signatures twenty years ago.  At this point, I am trying to clean up my collection to help our kids make decisions on what to keep, sell or donate.  

Thank you for your help, a pug called eva.

What about this one? I know it has a long d, but what is your opinion?

My immediate gut feel is that it (the Mupplvr example) is OK even if the Audrey part looks a little stiff and there is a rather large gao between the "u" and the "d". Not completely sure. 




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