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I am Pauline from the Marilyn Monroe section and I live in New Zealand.  Because so few people are interested in or collect autographs in this country people get in touch with me with their collections. 

Today I looked through an autograph book from 1992-1993 from a limo driver who drove for the stars visiting NZ, he even has his official tag next to the signing, together with the other people who signed, it's beyond a doubt the autos are real. 

I find I can't post the photos I took, but assuming it is real, what could I tell the seller to expect price wise and also whether he should sell the signatures separately or the whole book?  Other autos are Elton John (with driver's pass and Tour date), John Hurt, Margot Kidder, The Jordannaires, Rod Stewart & Rachel Hunter (when they were a pair), Michael Crawford, Anthony Quinn.

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Hi Spaceman

I have put the autographs online for sale now.

Good luck with the sale : - ) 


Thanks for sharing.

In the future, should you wish to avail yourself of this great group of collectors, it is critical you learn to post photos here. It is worth your time and efforts to master this little skill; you'll be forever grateful you did!

Hi Jim, lucky you that the button for sharing works. It doesn't on my browser, I have been building websites etc since 1997 BTW, so, ah, it's not a skill situation. I am not the only person having this technical problem. . . . .

But using my new phone, I can upload so voilà! 


Pauline knows how to post photos. It’s not working for everyone though. 

Great to see many of us Kiwis out there. I know there are a few more out there and some sell on Trade Me but the community seems quite small.

Pauline, thank you for the extra details. The McCartney is definitely the highest value and I would estimate $600 - $800 USD at present but this is likely to rise in time. If it was authenticated you can probably triple the value or more. The Elton probably $150-$200 and again more with authentication and the story to accompany it. The only thing is that the authentication cost can be quite high plus courier to and from the authenticator. Alternatively, going to someone such as Roger Epperson or Beckett and sending them an image of the item for a quick opinion can also help add to the value.

Autograph books don't tend to make the money they should. I purchased a few years ago from an auction house in Auckland and found there seem to be few bidders for these so as much as it is not good to split a collection this is likely to be the best way to get the largest return.

If the McCartney is under a $1k I might buy it myself, I thought it was more like $4k mind you, Paul seems very expensive on Ebay - not sure what the exchange rate of NZD is right now. 

The McCartney autograph is obviously a bit rushed but looks great next to the limo driver pass.

If the biggest names in the book are the ones you mentioned I wouldn't think the seller would get more than USD 1.5k for the whole book at auction after paying fees - probably nearer USD 1,000 actually. If it were sold at a proper auction house that would mean the buyer would still be spending close on USD 2,000+ including buyer's premium.

I'm not so convinced that authentication would add much to the value as these are so obviously genuine.

Hi Eva 

I agree. Cost of authentication etc wipes out too much, like half. He should sell individually person to person. And Ebay is a nightmare really and auction houses take so much... 



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