B.B. King's autograph has been widely forged for decades. But now that King has released a statement that he's in hospice care, the flood of forgeries is starting to turn into a torrent.

This discussion is to help fans and collectors protect themselves from buying B.B. King forgeries. Post genuine autographs and suspected forgeries and copies, and help others by sharing your knowledge and experience.

Did B.B. King sign autographs for you in-person? If you did, also post them in Share Your B.B. King In-Person Autographs and Experiences, and share your stories!

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Is the BB King Signed Gibson Strap authentic???

I would say this is authentic
This is very genuine! I have run BB's UK fan site and fan club for over 27 years and have over 230 signed items including 4 signed guitars. He is a true legend and a dear friend.

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Here is my signed Lucille
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Absolutely gorgeous!

Hi how are you? I’m new to this and not sure how it works fully. I have a 1993 Mercedes Benz formerly owned by BBKing. I’m considering selling it. Would you know of anyone interested?

Big Bill, you can list it in our Buy/Sell/Trade group here:

Good luck!

BB King is a legend. One of the greatest guitar players ever. He was always so generous to his fans. I had the opportunity to meet BB many times, including a couple of times where I was able to visit with him on his tour bus for about 30 minutes each time. He is a true class act. I have many autographs from BB that I obtained in person. Here is a picture of me & BB on his tour bus:
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Here is my signed Lucille
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Here is a concert poster BB signed for me
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I haven't had the chance to meet him, but did get to see him play in London with Clapton (a very memorable evening).  Here's an early example of his autograph (this is not mine):

And here's a 60s example:

A typical 90s example:

And here's one I'm not sure about, it is in a book chock-full of genuine Blues autographs, but this doesn't look like examples I have seen before:

Bought at his show.
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