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Authenticity of USA for Africa Signed Poster: Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen etc

Hi everyone, 

I saw this on eBay a couple of days ago and can't help but feel - despite the supporting documents - that the signatures aren't quite right. The Bruce Springsteen doesn't match other signatures I've seen, the L in Cyndi Lauper doesn't look like any others I have seen and the J's in La Toya Jackson and Jackie Jackson match too perfectly for me.

I was just wondering if anyone else could offer their opinion? I wasn't thinking of buying it myself, but the thought of someone spending £1000s on something that isn't authentic made me want to ask for your advice. 

Thanks for having a look, and I hope I'm not breaking any rules by putting the link to the item here:


Here's a picture of the signatures for you to have a look at:

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Not in a zillion years. Majority of these look same hand.

Thanks for the response, Chris. That's what I thought. The supporting evidence all looks good which is why I was a tad confused when I looked at the signatures and saw so many issues.

Any ideas on if there's any way to get it taken down? I assume as it's eBay the answer is no?

I just noticed that it says there is a COA from Christie's which makes me second guess my original assertion. I might be wrong, although many of the signatures dont look "right" to me.Let's see what other folks say - my bad. The low price threw me off too. If real, this thing has to be worth big time money.

The supporting materials are also huge proof that a poster with signatures is fake. The paper with the list of highlighted names is just ordinary paper, but the original paper has a watermark!
Sold for $ 5,100, that's sad.

Total fake -- sigs not even close.  And I don't think Christie's issues  COAS anyway.  Scammer. 

i belive they do issue coas when u buy something its standard now

ive gotten them from 

heritage rr bonhams and many others.

it looks like something that might havre came from wolfgangs vault at one time.ive seen them before

Hi Marc, thanks for responding. Are Wolfgang's Vault known for fake autographs? I have something from there so thought I'd check!

no there there the old bill graham archives but still do ur own research

Thanks Marc. I bought a signed board from them that was apparently backstage at the last show of the Amnesty International tour in the '80s and thought I'd make sure it was alright! I know the guy who was head of Amnesty at the time and he says he remembers Bill getting it signed so it's probably alright, I just thought I'd check!

Agreed, absolutely fake

This one is the winner for the worst forgery I've seen in a while. 

What is up with that "photo proof?"

I'm blown away this could possibly have 24 bids for over a grand. Something else has to be going on here, because it takes a couple seconds at most to recognize this as fake.


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