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Thanks :) comes out cheaper for me, even though it's really bad you still have to pay import turnover taxes as a EU customer...

After the last signed artcard I’ll pass. I don’t need another John Mayer/KISS/Carrie Underwood artcard 

I feel the same but I do love Ava.. not thrilled with the cover design though if that's what she's signing. Ive left it alone all day but this still creeps up in the back of my mind. I missed out on her 1st album but was eventually able to score one last year on the secondary market for just over the original retail price. I may cave and buy 2 but so far haven't yet

So, thought id post my decision now.. ive decided to pass.. im at a point where regardless of the economy, im cutting back on this hobby. However, even if I was still Gung ho, in this climate, merchandisers need to cater to their customers for sales.. we can't accept junk any longer.. im a fan of Ava but passing on this since its an art card and, to me, not very attractive one to have in my collection. My decision is also based that I have her previous microscopic art card signed by her and I do not need this one for my, or my daughters collection. If a recession is to come, retailers and artists in general will need to step up their game and stop offering unattractive items as promotions. The only way to change this is if we don't buy. Its actually a hard decision. 3 months ago, this would have been an instant buy for me..

I wonder if a recession can kill off the resellers. Will people still purchase items like these on the secondary market if they can barely afford to pay gas? I'd love to see resellers get killed off. The next year or 2 might become interesting for this hobby. 

The release for this was pushed to January 27th.. originally October 14th. There are still over 2000 of these in stock if anyone wants one.

After 4 months since my last post here, wow ive gone crazy with spending on other things but I still haven't bought this one

Mine arrived today from euro store with no signed art card (and nothing signed inside the CD)



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