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I have been looking at some more obscure auction houses for some overlooked gems and found an item claiming to be cut signatures from the Babe and Gehrig on a 3”x5”. It comes with a COA and LOA from GFA and Steve Rocci, both of whom I consider suspect and take caution when seeing this company’s name attached to anything. 

Please see attached photos and if you have any thoughts I would love to hear from you guys. This forum is awesome and i hope to become proficient enough to be able to help as many of you have always done for me in the past. Thanks ahead of time !


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  1. Well guys, thanks for the help as always and for keeping my hard earned money reserved for genuine pieces of baseball history.

For my own understanding and learning process, what’s the #1 dead give away on this piece?  Formation and flow of the signatures ? I’m using PSA’s vault of genuine examples and  Baseball Hall of Fame Autographs: A Reference Guide (1st Edition. Does this Ron Kurajian gentleman have much respect amongst you all?

Thank you for all the assistance as always ! You all have saved me a lot of money and grief :-)


Robert wrote: "For my own understanding and learning process, what’s the #1 dead give away on this piece?"

Everything! lol

Ok then. Well, all joking aside, i really would like a quick lesson if you have the time ..... maybe top 3 red flags? 

Let's start with the most basic of observations.  A question. Do both signatures look to you a though they could possibly have be written by two different people?


Is that Ruth Gehrig this one in a High End Memorabilia auction tomorrow morning on LiveAuctioneers?

High End Memorabilia often lists the same lot in a dozen or more auctions, sometimes selling it several times. That exact Ruth/Gehrig you were asking about sold in High End Memorabilia's February 28 auction for $2,500 + 25% buyer's premium: $3,125

Read High End Memorabilia's terms and conditions in the third tab under the image on the lot's page.

If you buy from them you can't get out of it, no matter what. If you file a charge back, under their T&Cs you agree that they can charge you an amount equal to the chargeback amount, plus hundreds of dollars or more in costs. 

Even worse, read this in their terms and conditions:

In the event that Bidder violates this dispute resolution provisions, in consideration of HEM's approval of the application of the bidder to bid in HEM's auction, bidder confesses judgment to fraud having been committed by bidder against HEM and further agrees that bidder is liable to HEM for all damages, losses and costs.

You read it right. If you violate their dispute resolution provisions you automatically confess that you have committed fraud against High End Memorabilia.

Their terms and conditions are illegal, perhaps even criminally illegal, and largely unenforceable, but they no doubt do the job and scare most buyers away from trying to get their money back.

Yep--Here is that garbage.  You can click your mouse on the image to get a closer view.

That's a lot of "r's" he must've been incredibly "sincere"

rrrrrrufff rufff. It was signed by Scooby Doo.

Funny how this could fool even the skippiest of skippy's.

AND WHAT A SCAM STEVE, thanks for the info on the High End Forgery guy.



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