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I really cant belive its still available and not sold out...from few days its still in shop

i really want to belive it will be signed by Hurwitz and/or Chazelle himself 

i really cant belive no one post it here before! :)


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Thank you so much for posting this! I was lucky to get the Damien/Justin signed La La Land record and now I have this one. Can’t believe no one posted it here when it dropped. 

ure welcome ! someome post other grails here so i hope i pay off the debt somehow :)

where did u get lala signed by both artist? record company? the same interscope shop too?

i ask couse im hoping they wont canceled orders when the days of shipping will come ...

Ordered as I consider this a steal at $50. Justin is so young but is going to end up being one of the greatest movie composers of our time 

Instant purchase this - right now he is 3 for 3 and all exceptionally high class. 

Gutted that I missed out on the original La La Land signed blue vinyl. Remember seeing it in store and I dithered, and I came back it was gone. Hardly seen any pop up since and that still rankles! 

FYI, won the Golden Globe tonight--

Justin Hurwitz, Babylon

162 in stock currently

how do u  know that?:)

Use your browser to view the "page source". Then search for: inventory_quantity

This works on a lot of sites who use similar code for their inventory/shopping carts.

155 left so not exactly flying out even with Golden Globe under his belt.  Shame though.  They should be flying out.

It's likely because the movie is terrible.  It may win Best Score, and I am a fan of Justin Hurwitz, but the movie is absolutely terrible.

I've gone back and forth about whether or not to buy this.  I'd rather have Hurwitz on my Whiplash LP's.  But this is what's available.  Still deciding.

Ah, I've not seen the film.  That must be gutting to write a great soundtrack to a shoddy movie.

That's how I felt about Lorne Balfe's score for Ghost in the Shell -- it never even got released (and had to be sent out from Balfe through social media directly) because Paramount bailed on the film completely after opening weekend. 

It has some God-tier tracks. "Confined" is a particular standout.

At least Hurwitz got a vinyl release out of the deal.



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