I bought this Hard Days Night Album from Perth's (Western Australia) most well known auction House on 6 June 2002. It was originally put up for auction by the original owner on 03 August 1989 to raise funds to return to Scotland for his mother's funeral. It was signed by the Fab 4 at the Odeon Theatre in Renfield Road, Glasgow at the Beatles final gig on 3 December 1965. It was handed to them by the Manager who was the neighbor of the original owner. Statuary Declaration signed by the original owner and witnessed by Commissioner of The Supreme Court of Western Australia on 25 September 1989, just prior to the auction. I am 64 years old now and it is time to sell. Simply wondering if anyone has an opinion on it's value? Cheers...Peter

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I'm far from an expert unlike others on this forum on the Beatles; however, the signatures do not look authentic to me but wait for others to give opinions

They definitely don’t look authentic to me either. Sorry.

I moved this to the Beatles forum.

Shocked (but not really) a "major" auction house would list something this bad. The McCartney for example is one of the worst attempts at his signature I've ever seen.  Wonder what it originally sold for at the auction? 

AUD $1,800

these are really pretty bad forgeries.

Not good

Not good. Another example of the fake autograph business. Purchased in good faith no doubt because it came with the good old  convincing story  of how it was signed.. 

If Bob Gregson is a credible auctioneer, he should issue you a refund.  Even if 18 years have elapsed. 

Go pay them a visit.

I don't think it is the Auctioneer's fault. Both he and I were "taken for a ride". I'll just suck it up. I do know where the original owner lives here in Western Australia, might pay him a visit.

One of the worst sets of Beatles forgeries I've ever seen!!!

Thanks to all for checking it out. Bit of a bummer for me, but I am learning all the time. Might just play the record now, was too scared to use it prior to this... Cheers Peter

Peter, you are not alone in having this experience. I also bought a couple of Beatles sets back at the start of the millenium that are 99.9% dubious. Back in those almost pre-internet days auctioneers could probably have been forgiven for offering such sets. Even the auction houses with specialist sales offered dodgy sets regularly in those days so what hope would there be for general sale auctioneers. Even the former owner probably believed them to be real and it was mentioned that a go-between (the manager) was involved - always a red flag. Hopefully, you didn't pay anything like the market rate. 



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