I have an opinion about this item, but would like to know what others think about it with regard to authenticity.

The Beatles - Full set of original autographs of the Fab Four including Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr on a photograph, 15. 19.5 cm. Authenticated by REAL - Roger Epperson Authentication Ltd. Provenance: The owner who consigned this photo lived as a child in Llandudno, North Wales with her family. During the summer of 1963, her mother worked sometimes in a souvenir kiosk on Llandudno Pier. One of the attendants at the pier (Richie Astall) had autographed photographs of the Beatles, on display in his office, which he had obtained from the Fab Four when they played at the local Odeon Cinema, for a week, during August of that year. Mr Astall was wheelchair bound and was able to watch the bands from the front row. This gave him easy access to the performers as they left the stage. Knowing the vendor was a Beatles fan and too young to attend the Beatles’ gig, Mr Astall gave her a signed autograph which she has kept in her possession all these years.

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I don't know but how did Ringo sign both over and under George where Ringo's paraph Meets George's "G"? Is it my eyes? There appear to be some small oddities - to me anyway the ending of Harrison, Lennon seems loopy, Macca seems a touch strange in heights. I look forward to hearing others. I'm learning these or trying to. 3 different pens seems odd for the period but what do I know...

The on the fly Lennon with 2 E’s concerns me but the others look OK to me. 

That is what I meant by "loopy Lennon" - those 2 "e's" especially.

I got to stop using Siri.

Paul, George and Ringo are genuine but it is not in the hand of John Lennon.

I dont believe the John is him unfortunately but the other 3 are v strong sigs 

I think the Lennon could be legit, I see some Lennon characteristics. And it makes sense that it would be. Who would forge such an on the fly signature with 3 classic ones? I think it's probably real but I'm not sure. 

Here’s another one with similar signatures.

Same pens for each as the OP? Same placement and angles? Must be me - these both look a bit odd.

The pens don’t concern me at all. The similarities in the two examples definitely concern me. I need better images, front and back, and more information and research before I can give an opinion now. 

something def fishy

Here's that same photo before Lennon signed it:



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