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Lol. She is probably thinking why give it away with the new album.


New record is only an EP too, she shoulda included the signed print and rounded up to $25, 

Instead, I shake my head and don't buy

I saw this earlier but didn't post it because when I added it to the cart it changed to the vinyl ep, I then tried to add 1 signed print and 1 vinyl ep and it changed it to 2 vinyl ep's so I gave up, I wrote them so waiting to hear back  

Its letting me add to the cart but it seems my address isn't valid...? I posted before trying to check out and figured its worth keeping up if someone else is luckier than I was. 

yeah, your right, it's letting me add it now too but I'm also getting the can't ship to my address message. it would probably be close to $60 for vinyl and print with shipping and since I really didn't want to spend that much on it I will take this as a sign to pass lol

My purchase just went thru, its avaliable now

Very busy cover -- wonder where she is going to sign?  Her signature is usually a messy, rushed scrawl. 

Available for purchase now,, i was just able to buy one. Thanks for posting a message, it reminded me to recheck

Did you buy the print only? I can’t add only the print to cart. When I add the EP, it now adds a free signed print with the EP. However, the listing shows “THIS IS A PRE ORDER AND WILL SHIP ON OR AROUND 8/25.  The signed version is now sold out; this item does not include an autographed insert.” Still adds it to cart though…

I see what you mean. I replicated what you did but having the same problem as before, shipping address not valid at checkout so i believe it is in fact sold out..

I purchased the print only. Had 2 in my cart and was hesitating deciding if I should get one for both my collection and my daughters. While I was deciding, a refresh would only let me checkout with 1. I may have snagged the last one available then.

Nevermind, my order was canceled 

Oh ok, I saw that had happened to some on Reddit. Appears only the first 250 orders included the print. Weird it’s still adding to cart with the EP…listing clearly says it’s sold out.


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