The year is nearly over already, I think it's been a great one for collectors. What was the best deal of the year in your opinion? For me it was The Yardbirds / Eric Clapton @RT given the scarcity of his signature, the limited aspect of the release and the price.

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Good idea!

For me it was Robert Galbraith signed book - probably followed by Bono

Missed JK by a few minutes, but Bono is a really nice one too I admit. 

Oh dear LOL - yes i forgot JK ! 

I still have Waterstones webpage open on that webpage and check it 50 times a day 

Has to be Bob Dylan. All that entertainment... for free!

Ha ha, my inbox was flooded by that free entertainment but couldn't opt to unfollow the thread, its like a good series you just hate but you need to find out what happens in the end. Power to this forum though, you guys beat the Dylan. . 

+1 On Yardbirds - that was amazing ! 

Dave Grohl, Bono, Springsteen (But not the Price) Like everybody else I bought loads this year but my minds gone blank !

Cheapest bargain - Ed Sheeran 99p

Biggest disappointment apart from the Bob Dylan / Indigo disaster was Missing out on Paul McCartneys Lyrics Book @ £1000.00 i maybe would have bought had I not seen it a week late - but now sadly way out of my price range 

No worries, you can pick up the McCartney for only £17K on Abebooks.

Agree with all so far, would add the 2 RHCPs for under $20 each 

That's actually a bad memory for me, spent over 6 hours and ended up with nothing, but you can't get them all. Happy your scored though.

Ah, I hear you…same for me and Clapton (missed it by not long). Glad you got one, that was probably best of year IMO 

Clapton is the next certainty for the Cancel Culture - I wouldn't mourn him. Ok for a flip, I guess but otherwise sell, sell, sell - his stock is sure to crash.

Yes me too on the RHCP, I honestly wasted a day and a half,finally I placed 3 separate orders  with 3 companies and received Zero ....

I gave up in the end as it was seriously getting to me 



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