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Already sold out... 

Don't ever assume it's not been done before...

To be up front, I purchased this as a gift for my son who is a Billie fan and she thought it was cool (and it was cheaper than retail).  It arrived today...  it was just a plain shrink-wrapped CD.  No paint.  No anything.  I don't really care, but it seems like it was a big fraud.  Anyone else buy into this?

Should be a paint splattered art card with it mate that’s what it said on the site art card open it maybe it’s inside ? Can we see when u do if it is 

Like ShadyBootlegger said, I'm guessing it's sealed inside like how I think the signed artcards were.

The painted insert is in the middle sleeve with the actual cd. Mine has a good amount of paint on it which was nice.

Would you be able to post a pic?

Jackson Pollock she is not.

If she is not charging a premium for it, I think it's a great idea. If she were charging extra for it, then that would be taking the P.

Still can't see any issue with this. Fans get the cd the same price (or cheaper) than the big box stores sell it for, and it has a personalized touch. If she upcharged for these then I could see your point. She also sent signed cds to indie stores and had the signed books at B&N a couple months ago and didn't charge more for those either. So I'd say she's alright.

Remember David Bowie's final Blackstar LP whose cover changed after a few months of sunlight exposure to reveal unique images of what appears deep space? Now that was impressive! Very sublime.



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