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As I said before, there isn't much money in streaming, so artist are having to come up with ideas to sell CDs and vinyl. Business is business. I'm all for it.

The big thing with this is there is no proof she even did it. Warner Brothers or whoever could have an intern splashing paint for all you know. Absolutely nothing personal about this. There isn't even a hype sticker on the front I gather to where you could flip it down the road. This is just a money grab to get people who already bought the cd to buy it again and keep it on the charts.

Reminds me of when sister removed the old style kitchen mixer prematurely while making mashed potatoes. This could be machine made.

I bet with all the returns on fake autographs they've gotten in the past couple years they probably had to come up with a new idea that would be impossible to figure out if it's done by the artist or not. 

The video she posted you couldn't even really tell it was her painting it. It could have been any girl that looked somewhat like her.  

There is actually proof of her doing it. She posted on her socials of her splattering paint on them and it showed her doing all of the art cards. 

But yes I do agree it is a money grab to help the charts, but this is what all artist do. Thats why they even do signed copies so it helps the charts. 

That isn't actually proof. Maybe she did a hundred out of 10,000 that were mailed out. We'll never know. And untrue, not all artists do it for the charts. I have met plenty of musicians who do it because they respect their fans and it is just a little way to give something back, signing CDs or records bought decades ago. Sure this bubble gum stuff like Billie, Katy Perry, Demi, etc do it for the charts because all they care about is staying in the limelight and on top of the charts.

Agreed. I preface it by saying I was dumb enough to buy one, but I don't take that video as proof. It's somewhat proof she painted some... but for all you know I could have been paid by Warner to paint the rest of them and I signed a confidentiality agreement that I can't tell you. How would you know? Maybe Billie doesn't even know if they did do that. 

Record companies have been considered shady, greedy businesses since forever. 

"Record companies have been considered shady, greedy businesses since forever. " - This is totally the truth!

The painted album was cheaper than the regular CD. Whether it’s a good idea or not, it’s still cheaper. Point blank period. 

I agree, it is worth less. 

For a 15 year old fan who can’t afford the $20 album, it’s perfect. Other than that, for collectors it’s worthless. 

You guys crack me up.  Nobody complained when she did the exact same thing to a more limited LP that now sells for over 2k. And this is still worth more than a my John Mayer signed cd i got last week. So for $10 I love mine. 


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