Listings for it have been popping up in indie stores but none have been made available yet. Stores have been getting very few (~3) signed copies so seems it will be like her book again where very limited copies will be available at store locations only. Heads up for anyone. Here’s to hoping they go live online soon.

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Sold out, now on ebay for like $200+

I answered my own question.

My girlfriend collects perfumes.  There are some that have been discontinued that sell for good money on the secondary market.  It usually comes down to favourite scents that women want to stockpile for future use, rather than to keep unused as collectors’ items.  The exception to this is that some women collect certain perfume bottles — full or empty, it doesn’t matter — for their aesthetic appeal.

I wouldn’t see the Eilish scent as an investment item particularly, but you never know.

My mrs does too mainly Chanel and Dior etc but never none that is released by any celebrity they never hold value imo look at the Rihanna ones etc aweful cheap stuff 

It’s her first fragrance. I’m sure there will be more of these, especially for an artist of her popularity. 

They’ll be at your local makeup store shortly 

Agreed. Perfume isnt exactly something you make just a couple hundred bottles of?

It's all about the collectability. Often there's not a lot of research or expensive ingredients invested in an artist's fragrance, as it sells on the name alone, so they could make money on a limited number of bottles.

Other ways to make money are to offer limited extra's. The Ariana Grande R.E.M. with lunchbox/ thermos goes for crazy amounts ($1000+) because the set is so extremely limited.

So it's possible we'll see this again later, maybe in a different packaging to stimulate repeat buys and add to the hype.

Got my art cards today and 1 is missing. Really sad I didn't get the old version of the signature. Anybody interested in trading? 

Didn't know she changed her signature. Are all of this cover signed like that?

She changed her signature in September. Many UK orders received both versions of the sig. 

I have a few of her older style signature but hadn't seen this one. Did she say why she changed it? Looks like this one might be quicker to sign since her old one was almost like a drawing. 


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