Listings for it have been popping up in indie stores but none have been made available yet. Stores have been getting very few (~3) signed copies so seems it will be like her book again where very limited copies will be available at store locations only. Heads up for anyone. Here’s to hoping they go live online soon.

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Got my art cards today and 1 is missing. Really sad I didn't get the old version of the signature. Anybody interested in trading? 

Didn't know she changed her signature. Are all of this cover signed like that?

She changed her signature in September. Many UK orders received both versions of the sig. 

I have a few of her older style signature but hadn't seen this one. Did she say why she changed it? Looks like this one might be quicker to sign since her old one was almost like a drawing. 

I think you answered your own question mate, this one takes less time for her to sign. A lot of celebrities do this after a while, their signatures just get shorter and shorter.

Makes sense. Was just curious if she mentioned it anywhere. On the brightside this one looks a little harder to fake. 


Here's a couple of mine... signed poster and cassette... I got her signed book and a signed 12x12 of her album artwork also. Now I'll have to add one of the newer style signatures to my collection eventually. 

They won’t replace it either I’m missing one and they offered me £5 refund for the missing art card I’ve gone through PayPal for a full refund not on at all 

the store is crap 

I got 2 of my 3 :(

Same - what a scam. Thats 3 of us got shorted.

4 now

For anybody filing with Paypal over this scam, make sure your case is filed as “not as described”

Also, I called them today and let them know that this is not a one off - make sure Paypal knows they did this to all of us - it will make our case stronger as they sold something they didnt have.

This is the email I got from them today 

my reply was NO you I am entitled to a refund you didn’t keep up your end of the sale 



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